Thursday, July 3, 2014

10 Easy Simple Fourth Of July Nail Art Designs

United States of America turns 238th this fourth of July. What better time to bust out your red, white, and blue than the for Fourth of July ? And why should not your nails get to join in on the fun?  Whether celebrating the American Independence with family , with a huge group of friends or observing it quietly ,you can always paint your nails with white, red and blue nail enamels to capture the spirit of independence.To celebrate our country's birthday, look no further than these awesome stars and stripes and red, white and blue ideas for inspiration for your next manicure.

Happy Birthday America!

 Fourth Of July Nails
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 July 4 Nails

 July fourth nails art

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 July 4 nails art
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 july 4 nails art

 fourth of july nails

 fourth of july 4 nails art

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 fourth of july nails

Tell Us: How are you celebrating Fourth Of July ?


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